We focus on sustainability

All our (fabric) products are made from certified organic cotton - grown sustainably and ethically.

In addition, we also focus on sustainability in packaging and shipping.

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About our fabrics

We obtain our fabrics from a manufacturer in Europe who specializes in the production of sustainable and fairly produced clothing. It relies on eco-friendly materials and ethical production to offer customers sustainable fashion.

A central aspect of sustainability is the use of certified cotton. The cotton comes from organic farming and is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

This standard defines environmentally friendly and socially acceptable criteria that must be observed from the production of the cotton to the manufacture of the clothing.

Compared to conventional cotton, the production of our clothing causes significantly less environmental pollution and thus contributes to sustainability.

Another important aspect of sustainability is ethical production. The clothing is only manufactured in certified factories that meet high standards in terms of working conditions and employee pay.

We stand by our vision and have a partner at our side who enables the sustainable production of our clothing.